My Meditation view

Today I’m going to do things differently. I’m going to tell you about the meditating I did on Thursday and how it helped me. I’m not going to tell you what to do with the meditating because everyone has a different thing that they would like to focus on. Everyone has that little voice in their minds that they are constantly arguing with. Like me for instance. I will be focused on meditating just to get all of those voices calm and relaxed. When I meditate I don’t necessarily sit on my yoga mat and make all kinds of noises to imitate different kinds of surroundings. I sit anywhere and simply try and clear my mind. Try cleaning all those thoughts, feelings or whatever it might be that is causing those storms in my mind. And ladies, I feel like you would be able to relate. Sometimes it’s like every single thing that crosses your path was set out to complicate your day. You want to make your first cup of tea for the morning, but when you look at the cupboard there is no more tea bags, or you go to the shops and they don’t have the specific item that you are looking for. They might be silly examples but all of these tiny happenings add up to the way your day turns out in the end. And of course what you decide to make of it also plays a huge part of it. They say that when you get knocked off of the horse, you just have to get back up. But sometimes taking that step to get back up is the biggest struggle of your day, even week.

Now when I start feeling like this. Like everything in my world is about to come crashing down. It is almost an automatic reaction to start meditating in my head or just simply reason with myself. Now a lot of you that know me personally know that myself and my family have been through a very rough time these past few months, for me the ultimate escape was meditating…that feeling of everything around you is just calm. Speaking of calm, when all of this happened and I really needed something to help me with my meditating and getting my thoughts together I found an app called Calm, there is a free version and then also a more specific version that you pay for that gives you unlimited access to the sessions. (Feel free to comment if you have any questions about where I found it, etc.) Now, I like this app because you can choose your background noises and then what type of meditation. I like using this app as it actually feels like you are achieving something. That brief moment of control over your emotions and your thoughts. I saw somewhere that a human brain is programmed in a way that when someone gives you a key word you automatically see that key word. For example, if I say to you imagine a black and white cat with a pink nose, you are going to see that cat. So when it comes to these apps I would say it is very important that it guides, helps and even motivates you through the sessions. By telling you to relax, and leading you through the process of noticing your different body parts and how they all work together to form you as a human. You as an individual. It helps a lot with the whole meditating process.

I must also confess that I don’t always necessarily use the app, as you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have your phone with you. Or you are in a situation that you might lose your cool. The best thing to turn to then is meditating. At home or at work or even when you go to the shops. That few minutes or seconds you take to meditate and clear your head could potentially save you a lot of hassle in your life. When I meditate, I like to sit at home in a relaxed position (I am also guilty of sometimes doing this laying down). Then I turn on some music – you might feel more relaxed with nature sounds, etc. find what works for you best and use that. And I simply sit, and relax my body. I focus on the points of my body that I can feel is the most stressed or worked up. Then I focus on those points to make the nerves and muscles relaxed. You will be able to feel the difference. It’s like when you have walked around the whole day with shrugged shoulders and then when you come home you just let them down and relax. That instant feeling of relief. You can literally say that you can feel the weight coming off your shoulders. Then after that, I focus on relaxing my mind, my thoughts and my soul. If there is something that is making me sad, I take that moment and try and remember the positive behind it. For example: You lose your job, instead of going into a complete morbid spin, I remember the good times I had. The memories, the friends and remember that everything happens for a reason. You don’t always know the reason straight away but in due time it will unravel itself to you.

When I do this, I instantly start seeing things in a much better perspective. It reminds you that even when you have the darkest of days there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. You need to just keep on going until you can see it – and not give up before you have reached it. After you have done that everything else will feel like a breeze. After that, I close my eyes and clear my mind of everything. Yes you heard me, everything. You need to be able to have that one escape that it is just you. Your happiness, your peace, your soul. Once you have found that spot you focus on it… Focusing on nothing else but your breathing. Focusing on your muscles. You become one with your body again. Strange to say I know, but I really feel that we as woman and actually all human beings are always working so hard to constantly impress everyone around us and then in the end forget to focus on the person that matters the most. Yourself. We constantly forget about thinking about our own needs, dreams, and happiness. It is very important when you meditate that you have that place to where you can escape from everything around you. A place where you can ask yourself the question of: What will make me happy? Where is my peace? I’m not suggesting that everyone should become self-absorbed but knowing that you are happy with yourself, true to yourself you will be able to achieve so much more of your life goals.
I challenge you, my readers, today. When you get home tonight. Before you go to bed or at any time that you feel the most relaxed, take a few minutes or even seconds. And close your eyes, take a big breath in and a long breath out and become one with yourself again. Become one with your mind, your soul and your body.

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Finally – Day 2

I realise I have been a bit MIA for a few weeks. You guys are probably wondering what happened to me, what possibly happened to put this weekly program on hold. Well I am going to tell you. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to win a competition with KFM radio station. I don’t know about you guys but I have never been that lucky in my whole life. Needless to say I needed a few days, you know, to get over the shock. On top of that, I am happy to say that my plans on starting my very own face painting career is almost ready for lift off. Along with that, I’m doing research on starting my own awareness campaign. So if any of you have any pointers, please feel free to leave the tips in the comment section. So as you can see I had a busy few weeks behind me BUT I did not forget about you, my readers. I promised you that I will give you a 7-day workout compiled by yours truly. And that is what I am going to do.

If you are anything like me you dread exercising every single day. I mean when are you supposed to rest or do anything else remotely close to having a life? Fear no more!! As you guys will remember in my previous blogpost I mentioned that I was working with a personal trainer. I had a chat with her the one day regarding how many days you should ACTUALLY be doing these torture exercises. You know what she said to me? Not every day, but every second day. See, your body needs time to rest and repair itself for the next workout. Which obviously in my mind is a bonus and also a bit more motivating. I was thinking to myself, if I exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday that will be plenty. Then with the days in between I wiggle between taking a stroll on the beach, doing some yoga or basically anything to keep your body moving.

Today is Wednesday so you guessed it. I did some exercises. And I hope you like it.

You will need the following:

♧Yoga mat
♧3kg weights
♧2kg weights

Today before I started exercising I did some stretches first just to ensure all those muscles I want to work on are already stretched. Please note most of my exercises are specifically focused on my muffin top, arms, back and upper legs – some days might seem similar to other days.

Let’s start.

♧3 set of 20 push-ups: laying down on your tummy, either place your knees on the mat with your legs crossed and lower your upper body down to the floor and up again, or you can do normal push-ups.

♧3 sets of 20 side to side slides: Holding a 3kg weight in each hand and your arms against your body, lower each side down against your leg ensuring that your back is straight, shoulders back and tummy tucked in. I sometimes do more of this exercise as you can feel how it works your hips and those unwanted muffin tops.

♧3 sets of 30 bicep curls: Holding a 2kg weight in each arm (you can use which ever weight you are comfortable with) bring the weights up to your chest from your hips. Again ensuring that your back I straight and shoulders back. Also ensure that you don’t add a swing to your arms.

From there you go into a 30 seconds to 1 minute planking.

♧3 sets of 30 hammer curls: Holding 2kg weight in your hands angle the weights and vertically bring it up to your chest from your hips. Ensuring that your back is straight, shoulders back and tummy tucked in.

♧3 sets of 20 side-to-side slides: Holding a 3kg weight in each hand and your arms against your body, lower each side down against your leg ensuring that your back is straight, shoulders back and tummy tucked in.

♧3 sets of 20 crunches: Laying down on your back, lift only your shoulders and chest up from the ground making small movements.

Now you guys also know what I have been up to today. My next exercise day is Friday. Tomorrow I will being doing some yoga again and having a walk on the beach.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog and enjoyed sharing this exercise day with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys on what you think of the blog so far

Thank you for reading
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7 day work out in my opinion….

Today I’m going to write to go through the struggles of getting into an exercise routine. As females we all get to that point in our lives that you start feeling insecure about your weight or body. Maybe your muffin top has raised into a much larger muffin top. I personally go through that struggle on a daily basis and mirrors in the shops didn’t seem to make things look as great as they are being advertised. Certain sections of the top is very tight where the other pieces is loose. Now I have struggled with that concept for ages. How can something that I wore just last week not fit the way it then? It is only then that I realise that the chocolate is having a lovely cup of tea with my muffin top.

If you read that statement and you could relate, you should definitely carry on reading.

When I came to that realisation I decided I should look for someone to help me get into the routine. You know, someone to push me and to motivate me. All the things my couch was definitely not doing.

After a long struggle I found an amazing lady that pushed me into a way that I wanted to it for myself. I decided that I wasn’t going to do it for anyone but myself. I managed to get a bunch of exercises together that I decided I was going to try at home and see if it works for me.

I have since then invested in a cropped tops which allows me to see which muscles I am working on. I’m telling you, a cropped top, mirror and some music is the perfect recipe to start anyones day.

I decided with this blog that I’m going to do the entry on a daily basis for a week to show you what I was doing that day.

For Monday I decided to do the following:

You will need the following for Monday’s workout:

♡2/3kg weights (or whatever weight suits you. I found it for a beginner like me a 3kg weight is just enough)
♡Yoga mat

*Please note you are also more than welcome to do some stretching before you start the workout.

♡3 sets of 15 weight lifts in front: Angle the weight and bring it up to your chest from your hips. Try not to swing your arm as that will defeat the purpose. Do 15 with each arm.

♡3 sets of 20 side slides: Hold a weight in each hand and slide to the sides. Doing 20 sets on both sides. Try keeping your shoulders back and your back straight with your tummy pulled in. Again, try not to slouch.

♡3 sets of 15 crunches: Try lifting your shoulders from the ground just a little bit for the best results

From there you do:

♡3 sets of 15 benchpresses whilst laying down on your yoga mat: Try keeping your arms straight and go all the way down to the ground with a weight in each arm.

♡3 sets of pelvic lifts: Lay down on your back on the yoga mat. Bend your knees and push your back off the floor.

♡3 sets of planking for 15 seconds. ( again this depends on your own fitness and capability)

Then that is all for today. I found myself very refreshed after doing this set. Come check-in tomorrow to see what I’m doing for day 2.

Thank you for reading
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My introduction

Let’s start the first post on My life and other voices with why am I doing this blog? I recently realised that when you are in your 20s;whether it’s the early 20s or late thirties- we all have that one thing in common that we should actually start letting go of for a little bit : Routine.

If you are anything like me, your life has turned into one big routine puzzle. If you don’t put those pieces together there is absolute chaos!. Not necessarily just in your family life but also with your inner voices. For exampe: you are a mother of two. Both different ages and completely different personalities. James likes sport and does several extra-curricular activities while Thom is the introvert that slowly but surely experiments in the world of science. Now you know that James needs to be at soccer practice at 4.00pm and Thom needs to be at the library for study time at 3.45pm. Your automatic routine is – get Thom to the library, BUT and this is a big but? If you are 10minutes late in traffic , you are going to miss James soccer practice.

Now this blog is to give you the escape of simply reading that someone else shares that struggle with you . Or simply the struggles of getting ready in the mornings. In this blog we are going to cover every aspect of the struggles. As well as testing products, recipes and even the weight loss diets that everyone claims to be a life changer. I’m going to share my experiences and thoughts about all of my other voices in my head …..